Swine flu

I don’t usually comment on current topics but over the last few days it’s been all over the news. All the daily newspapers lead on it. 150 people in Mexico have died and there have been two confirmed cases of swine flu in Britain. Well, malaria and TB kill three million people a year worldwide. That’s more than 8000 a day. That should put swine flu into perspective and counteract the media’s scaremongering.

No more rock LPs

It’s the end of an era in my personal life. I’ve given away the last of my collection of rock LPs to the charity shop. I started collecting rock LPs in 1992. My collection began with "Genesis – A Trick of the Tail", Kim Wilde’s first LP and Kate Bush – The Kick Inside. Over the following decade my collection grew and grew until I had something like 200 LPs and 45s. Since then I’ve been getting rid of them, starting with the duff records (ugh! Why did I buy that?)… Then the fairly good ones that I haven’t played for ages. Soon I had about 30 left so I decided to get rid of them too.

I put them on display at 10:00 this morning. When the shop closed at 4:30pm more than half of them had been sold. The shop will be open on Monday at 9:30am so if you’re interested you’d better get to 407 Mare Street, Hackney, London before they’re all gone!