No more rock LPs

It’s the end of an era in my personal life. I’ve given away the last of my collection of rock LPs to the charity shop. I started collecting rock LPs in 1992. My collection began with "Genesis – A Trick of the Tail", Kim Wilde’s first LP and Kate Bush – The Kick Inside. Over the following decade my collection grew and grew until I had something like 200 LPs and 45s. Since then I’ve been getting rid of them, starting with the duff records (ugh! Why did I buy that?)… Then the fairly good ones that I haven’t played for ages. Soon I had about 30 left so I decided to get rid of them too.

I put them on display at 10:00 this morning. When the shop closed at 4:30pm more than half of them had been sold. The shop will be open on Monday at 9:30am so if you’re interested you’d better get to 407 Mare Street, Hackney, London before they’re all gone!


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