An extraordinary day

First, I was up at 5am. (I don’t usually get up before 8am). My neighbour in the downstairs flat had a couple of friends over, a man and a woman, but I was more concerned with getting on my bike and exploring the suburbs of North London. I left the house at 6:30 and cycled to Chingford, Waltham Abbey and Enfield.

When I returned at 12:30 the police were arresting the woman who was drunk and screaming blue murder. Then they arrested my neighbour and his male friend. As if that wasn’t bizarre enough, the police told me that the house was now a crime scene and I would have to stay away while a forensic team investigated the bathroom and my neighbour’s flat.

Well, I was about to go to work anyway, at the charity shop in Mare Street, so off I went. When I came back at 7pm, six hours later, the forensic team was still there and I couldn’t come in. (Good grief! How long does it take to investigate one room and a bathroom?) So I pottered about for another couple of hours in Tesco’s and in a NetCafe.

I got back at 10pm to find the police had finished their work and were gone. I’ve been awake now for 20 hours and I’m going to bed now and get some desperately-needed sleep.


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