17th century music

I went to a concert on Thursday evening at St Mary’s Church in Walthamstow given by the counter-tenor James Bowman and the instrumental group Gli Amici della Rana. A very entertaining mix of German sacred and secular music from the 17th century. Peter McCarthy played what looked like a cello but had six strings – a basso di viola. Robert Howarth had his own small box organ and his virginal – similar to a harpsichord.

2 responses to “17th century music

  1. Hi, no name….I also like 17th century music. I used to listen to a lot of Baroque music, but now prefer Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven and early 19th century music. But in reality…anything that grabs me, I’ll gladly listen to it!

  2. I’m glad to hear from a fellow music lover. I like most classical music even though I don’t play any instrument.

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