Silent night

No television, no xmas muzak, no toys, no Christmas trees, no jingle bells, no tacky decorations, no useless presents, no cards, no fake snow, no turkey, no booze, no relatives, no foul-mouthed drunkards, no fights, no injuries, no flaming brandy pudding and no flipping children! My December 25th really was a silent night. May there be many, many more!

White Christmas? Not in London.

There was no White Christmas here. Not even a grey one. What we have instead is sunshine! And since my day has been totally free and I don’t have to visit any relatives, I can do things which for one reason or another I haven’t managed to do for years, go to Christmas mass, listen to the Queen’s speech on Radio 4. Now I look forward to a silent night.

Winter solstice

Well, it’s been a pretty grim time what with all the ice and snow and the long nights. But even now there’s reason to be cheerful. The winter solstice is past. We have reached the nadir of the year and the winter’s gloom is slowly starting to recede. It won’t be long before we see nature renewing itself. Roll on, the spring!

Haircut 101

Yes, I’ve finally got round to getting my mop trimmed. Cost? £15. Yes it is expensive, but I only get a haircut about every three or four months. Besides, I once got a cheap cut for £6 and it was a mess! It proves that in most cases, whether its hairdressers or builders, you get what you pay for.


Well, that’s my Christmas shopping done for another year. Twelve cards are on their way to various parts of England and Ireland to my friends and relatives with the message: GAVDETE! IESVS CHRISTVS NATVS EST! I quote a song by Steeleye Span. It means, Be joyful! Jesus Christ is born!