Save the environment!

Help save the environment, they say. Don’t use plastic bags, don’t throw your old mobile phones away, turn your thermostat down by five degrees. And all the while the same crowd of capitalists goad you on into buying toys, jewellery, cars and all kinds of trash that nobody really needs, and we blindly continue to ruin our planet!


Here’s a sure sign that spring is on the way: the snow and ice is all gone, except for a few patches of slush and the odd dirty big snowball that’s been left sitting around for the best part of a week. It’s only a matter of days before we see the first snowdrops.


This afternoon I did something I’ve never done before… I cycled from Walthamstow to Bexleyheath via Stratford, Woolwich, Plumstead and Abbey Wood. I’ve been to Bexleyheath before but not on a bike. I got to Bexleyheath at 2.30. But I’m coming back by train. It’s too dark to be exploring South London.

Sell, sell, sell!

That’s what I’ve been doing this afternoon – selling off more of my precious CD’s and comic books. I used to collect comics and records avidly, but that time has gone and I just want to get them off my hands. The ones I haven’t sold or given away to charity shops went in the bin. Why did I keep so much of it for so long? They just take up space now.


Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine the whole day long and hardly a cloud in sight! Yes, it was freezing cold but I was able to work up a good bodily heat by cycling around Waltham Abbey and Waltham Cross. I couldn’t have wished for a more auspicious start to 2010! Happy New Year to you all!