Paedophile Paranoia

Here’s a sad example of the way our country is going.
I was in my local library yesterday and I came across some Asterix books that I hadn’t read for a long time.
So there I was, in the children’s library, poring over "Asterix the Legionary" and "Lucky Luke: Ma Dalton" and taking little notice of anything else when a member of staff approached me.  He asked me if I had a child with me.  I answered no.  He then told me that adults weren’t allowed in the children’s library unless accompanied by a child.
Well, I can easily understand his concern.  A 38-year-old man is capable of any kind of perverted act of depravity against children, even if he is totally engrossed in a book and even if there aren’t any children within a 100-metre radius of him.  You just can’t be too careful.  Children absolutely must be kept safe from men like me.

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