World Cup

Yes, it’s the four-yearly time when the whole world goes football mad. But that period has come to an abrupt end in England. They were beaten 4-0 by Germany, and they deserved it. If you were spending your whole day out in the sunshine you didn’t miss a thing. England’s performance in all their matches was dismal.

Yesterday again

How’s this for bizarre? Resonance FM is devoting 24 hours to just one song: Yesterday by the Beatles. Apparently it’s the most frequently covered pop song in the world and Resonance FM has dug up enough cover versions to fill up 24 hours – 450 to 500 by my estimate. I’d love to see the full playlist.


Yesterday was everything a summer’s day should be – sunshine from dawn to dusk. And where was I? Well, I was indoors, in bed, lazy slob that I sometimes am. Not all day, though. I did haul myself out of bed at 10am and I feel I made up for it by biking up to Alexandra palace and Hampstead Heath. I spent the whole time soaking up the vitamin D!

Richmond & Roehampton

…via the City, Blackfriars, Westminster and Battersea. As you can see, this blog is turning into a diary of my travels on my bike. But I don’t care. Whizzing about by bike is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It’s good exercise and I don’t have to pay a penny in bus or train fares. Too bad I got a puncture on my way back home. Oh well…