Kids love fashion

Look at AdamsKids’ slogan: Kids Love Fashion! The heck they do! Boys couldn’t care less about fashion. They’d rather be out with their friends, playing football and generally making a mess of themselves. And girls? Well, maybe they care about dressing up their dolls and looking good themselves. But they aren’t like Bratz. They arent obssessed with stylin’ with a passion for fashion. Theyre just children, so let them be children before theyre forced to grow up!

It’s all over

Spain has won the World Cup for the first time. They scored in the 116th minute, beating the Netherlands. And, man, what a tedious match it was. In fact the whole tournament was dull, apart from a few bright moments, especially from Germany. At least it didnt end in a penalty shoot-out. I’m going to be following the League of Ireland matches after this. At least there won’t be any vuvuzela horns.

It was twenty years ago today…

7th July 1990 was the first time I visited Buckinghamshire. I got the train to Aylesbury and visited Wendover. I didn’t have a bike back then. I did all my travelling by bus and train. On 7th July 2010 I took the train to Chesham then cycled to Wendover, detoured to Weston Turville and Aston Clinton, then to Aylesbury, Bierton, Hulcott, back to Wendover, the Kimbles, Great and Little Missenden, Amersham and finally back on the train at Northwood… all in 16 hours!