Je déteste la pluie!

Yesterday I got absolutely drenched cycling to Paddington and back. The rain started about ten minutes after I set out and continued without a break until I got home at 8:30pm.

The weather doesn’t look much better today, but if the BBC’s weather forecast is anything to go by we should have sunshine all day on my birthday on Saturday.

All change

Well, one thing has changed: I have a new mobile phone, a Samsung Genio Touch.

I loved my old Samsung E250 but in the early hours of August 11th, for no reason at all, it died after three years of unstinting service.

So, yesterday afternoon I shelled out for a new phone. But I wasn’t going to settle for another another E250 with all its irritating limitations. I have upgraded.

Richmond again

I’ve been riding here and there around London for the past few days, feeling the city under my feet (or under my bike wheels, even!). Today I cycled to Richmond. And I had dinner al fresco at a restaurant on the Thames. On a boat converted into a restaurant, that is. A blissful summer day! I love the summer and I love London!