My new home?

So, I’m in a new place to post my blogs.  It seems poor old MSN couldn’t handle the sheer volume of blogs anymore.  So here I am at WordPress, a brand spanking new domain with a much classier interface than old MSN.

I hoope I’ll still be able to post from my mobile phone…


3 responses to “My new home?

  1. Yes, it seems I can. So I should be able to add new posts. This WordPress jiggery-pokery is driving me up the wall, but I’ll get this thing to work or my name isn’t Cormac and my number isn’t 828!

  2. And here’s a minor inconvenience: all my previous blog entries have been carried over to but all my photos are still on MSN. Maybe, maybe one day I’ll get round to uploading them onto this site…

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