I didn’t feel like singing that old Tom Robinson Band song as Reuben and I drove from Hackney to Leatherhead yesterday afternoon. The rain was absolutely pelting down for nearly all of our journey. We spent an hour and a half crawling through rush-hour traffic in east and south-east London and our journey around the M25 was not made any better by moronic motorists…

Oh, and Reuben, it’s against the law to use your mobile phone whilst driving.

This experience has reminded me of how lucky I am. I don’t drive and I don’t need to drive and I hope I never do. I could never be bothered to run a car. Bicycles are expensive enough. And I’m sure you’ll agree with me that there are far too many cars on the roads anyway.

Well, at least there’s no sign of rain today. Still pretty cold and windy, though…


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