*CRASH!!!* AAUGH!!! F#»*ING #*%¢®¡ £|<¥#¥!!!

1:20pm or thereabouts. I was cycling down Lea Bridge Road and about to turn off onto the towpath along the River Lea. I had just spent the morning doing my month’s laundry and I was on my way to do my weekly work at the charity shop in Hackney. Nothing out of the ordinary there… except I was in a really bad mood.

I found myself getting irritated by the pettiest things, especially motorists and their habits. I know it’s a dull and blustery November day, but I just couldn’t understand why I was in such a foul temper.

Well, I reached the bridge over the River Lea and rounded the “Princess of Wales” pub when I skidded on a patch of soggy, decaying leaves and– as the title of this entry says, CRASH!!!

And that’s exactly what I didn’t need. I was in a bad enough mood already and this made it even worse. A string of expletives burst out of me and that started off the two guard dogs behind the pub. A passer-by asked me if I was all right and I replied that I’d be okay as soon as I dusted myself down and stopped effing and blinding to myself.

I went on my way, though more slowly and feeling a bit stiff, but I assumed I’d get over it — I always did.

When I got into the shop and hauled my bike to the back room I felt along my collar bone and discovered that it wasn’t bruised but broken.

Well, Vera at the till didn’t notice and neither did Maria. But when I told her about it and that I’d have to go to the hospital, she got into a real tizzy.

But she called an ambulance for me which carted me off to the A&E unit of Homerton Hospital.

So today has been a day of two firsts for me: the first time in all my 39 years on Earth that I’ve broken a bone in my body and the first time I’ve travelled in an ambulance.

(According to “Trivial Pursuit”, the board game, the collar bone is the most frequently broken bone in the human body.)

Further to my misadventures of November 13th: Over the past week I’ve been reading “The Camp Fire Girls at School”, a girls’ novel written by Hildegard G Frey. I had the presence of mind to bring the book into the hospital with me since there’s precious little else to do in an A&E waiting room.

As I was waiting to be seen to in the waiting room, I came to the part of the novel where Sahwah goes tobogganing and crashes, nearly killing herself. She is comatose for several days. She also fractures her left hip and there’s a strong probability that her left leg will have to be amputated.

As I was sitting in a wheelchair in a cold corroidor, waiting to be x-rayed, I came to the part where Nyoda and Gladys ended up in the upper reaches of a tower, all alone, with no way to contact anyone and the only human they see from one day to the next is a deaf-mute maid.



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