With my collar bone broken and my left arm unable to work properly I won’t be able to go cycling for another four or five weeks. So all I can do is grumble about the lousy November weather.


One response to “Bummer

  1. Things aren’t as gloomy as they were a few days ago. The cold that had been bringing me down for the past couple of weeks has finally cleared up.

    I won’t go into too much detail, but I was astonished at how much phlegm I produced and how viscous it was, not to mention how much toilet paper and kitchen roll I used up in trying to keep my nasal passages clear. It never seemed to stop. No matter how often I blew my nose or how hard, more of the stuff came to replace it within minutes. I wonder if I’ll ever understand why.

    No matter. I’m over one malady. Now there’s still the problem of the broken collar bone…

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