For one reason or another, I didn’t get to telling you about Molly’s birthday do last Saturday.

Molly, or to give her full name, Miss Margaret Carleton, reached her century on November 30th and we had a party for her on the Saturday before. The highlight of this do was the Queen – well, a look-alike of the Queen – dropping in to deliver her 100th birthday telegram to Molly.

And to look at Molly now, she could well live to be 200!

You may remember that I do a weekly stint at the Charity Shop of Prideaux House. Well, Molly started this shop way back in 1972. It’s still going today and so is the Community for Fellowship and Reconciliation, although Molly retired in 2005.

When she was born, Britain had an empire which covered a huge chunk of the world. All of Ireland was under British rule. China was still an empire, ruled by the Manchus. Russia was still ruled by the Tsar Nicholas II and Germany was still ruled by Kaiser Wilhelm II. And Japan was still ruled by the Emperor Meiji.

And in England it was still easy to tell where London ended and Middlesex began.

The world has changed beyond recognition in the past century. But one thing that hasn’t is the good side of human nature. It manifested itself last Saturday to make Molly’s party a success!


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