Curse the winter!!!

I’ve got to tell the world what a damnably foul mood I’m in. Winter is the season I dislike most, and this is the worst winter week I’ve known for years. The last time winter brought me down to such a depth of gloom was early 1987.

And I feel exactly the same way now. Sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice everywhere…

I will not mince my words. I HATE WINTER.

I hate the dark mornings and the even darker evenings.
I hate the cold wind and the freezing fog.
I hate the snow and ice.
I hate having cold hands and feet.
I hate having to keep the heating on all day and constantly drinking hot drink.
I hate having to constantly watch my step when walking across snow and ice.
I hate not being able to get out on my bike.
I hate all the disruption to our everyday lives the winter weather causes.

In short, I HATE THIS WHOLE «blankety-blank» SEASON!!!

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