Worst Saturday Ever!!!

At least it’s the worst Saturday we’ve had for years. It didn’t look too bad early in the morning – cold and icy, yes, but tolerable – so I decided to make the most of the morning before I did my weekly stint in the Charity Shop.

I cycled to that giant behemoth in Edmonton called IKEA for a little window shopping and pop into IKEA’s restaurant for a mid-morning snack. I arrived there at about 9:30. When I looked out the window of the restaurant my heart sank lower than it had for ages. Ten centimetres of snow augmented by a blizzard greeted me.

Now I am no fan of snow. In fact I hate it, and making my way home in a blizzard is misery. I did think of jumping on the bus but the traffic was snarled up to a horrendous degree. And so began a bike journey to Tottenham Hale.

I phoned the shop to tell them I’d be late, and they said, “Don’t bother coming in. It’s not worth it. We’re closing early today anyway.”

So here I am in Costa in Walthamstow mall. Anyone with sense would just go back to bed, but I spent most of the previous night in bed and I just can’t spend the whole day like that.

Besides, I can take pride in myself for one reason. Snow never stopped me going where I want to go and it hasn’t stopped me today. And I doubt it’ll stop me from going to church tomorrow.

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