So how did 2011 begin for me? Was I down at the Drum, raising the roof with dozens of revellers? Was I in Trafalgar Square with thousands of yahoos, getting plastered?

No. At midnight, just as Big Ben was ringing in the new year, I had already gone to bed (although I did wake up around 12:35 to answer a New Year’s text from my mum).

I set out at 8:45am on a bike journey that would take me through Edmonton, Enfield and Potter’s Bar, eventually finishing at South Mymms. Well, near enough to South Mymms. I took shelter from the drizzle at the Welcome Inn, just off the A1(M) and the M25.

It was here that I had a good nosh followed by a sizeable muffin and two mugs of tea. It was a good way to pass what was by all accounts a dismal day. It seemed to be turning into a nice, sunny day at 10:00 as I passed Trent Park, but it clouded over again within an hour…

Oh, and I got to hear the New Year concert from Vienna. It’s the first New Year’s Day I’ve ever got up early enough to hear the whole concert from beginning to end.

All in all, a good start to 2011.


One response to “2011

  1. One minor annoyance (apart from the drizzle which was steadily getting heavier as I rolled from South Mymms to Cockfosters):

    I could have travelled by the Underground from Cockfosters to Walthamstow Central for only £1.30. It was after 3.00pm and I don’t like cycling in the dark. Unfortunately some poor sap ended up under a train at Finsbury Park, going south on the Victoria line, and consequently, not only was Finsbury Park closed, there were no trains in either direction to Walthamstow Central. Which means I had to go via Liverpool Street to get home. And the balance on my Oyster card is now £2.40 instead of £3.50. (Grumble, grumble…)

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