Starting to get going again…

For the past two months all the things I’ve enjoyed at the weekends have had to be put on hold. What with all the horrible winter weather and my broken collar bone this has been quite a dismal season for me.

But yesterday, right after mass, I took off on my bike towards Crew’s Hill via Stonebridge Lock, Ponders End and Enfield. There was just one fly in the ointment — high winds and the chill that comes with them. Consequently the journey home was an unending battle against the south wind. (Actually the wind wasn’t that strong. I could still move against it. The journey just took longer than usual.)

But at least I got to see some of my favourite sights that lie just within the M25, Theobalds Park, Whitewebbs Road, Turkey Street. They’re still the same as they were last time I saw them.

And while we’re on the subject of days getting longer, today the sun rose at 7:55am and set at 4:22pm. In contrast, in the depths of the winter solstice, the sun didn’t rise until 8:06am and went down at 3:54pm. And it will get brighter as the weeks pass. I’m sick of dark mornings.


3 responses to “Starting to get going again…

  1. And the sun is shining and on Friday I’m due to start on a work placement at IKEA. I’ve been to that monstrous store many times in the past but it’s going to be totally different working there. And if I actually land a job there… crikey!

  2. Yay! A second consecutive day of sunshine. And that’s not usual for January. When we get bright, sunny weather like this after the Winter Solstice I see it as a brilliant and beautiful portent of things to come — spring, snowdrops, daisies, primroses, birdsong, not to mention the longer days and all the greenery around me coming back to life. Roll on, spring!

  3. Ouch! So glad you are feeling well enough to get out and about now. I dont mind the darker days, the bright sunlight gives me headaches.

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