It was 19 years ago today…

It was on this day in 1992 (23rd January) that I made my first excursion into Buckinghamshire. Or at least the first since the previous August when I took the Chiltern line out to Wendover and walked to Little Kimble. On this occasion I travelled on the Metropolitan line all the way out to Amersham and from there walked all the way out to Chesham. Actually it was quite an unremarkable day as I remember. The only real difference between this and any other day was I was in a county that I had only visited a few times before. And of course I didn’t have a bike.

Well, today I’m marking that anniversary. Like this day in 1992, it’s a dull, damp day. However, I’ve been able to do plenty of exploring on my bike. I arrived at Chesham at midday, took off up Drydell Lane to Pednor and Chartridge, passed St Leonards and ended up back here just before 2:00pm.

And I’m not going to miss out Amersham. I’m planning to catch the train from there to Marylebone.


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