Wear a cycling helmet.

Wear a cycling helmet. That’s what many well-meaning folks tell me when they see me whizzing around bare-headed. Of course I’m wearing plenty of clothes at this time of year but a cycling helmet? No, not for me.

“But what happens if you fall off your bike?” Well, that has happened to me many times, more than I care to remember. The most serious incident was last November when I broke my collar bone. And I’ve had quite a few cuts and bruises on my legs and arms from spills and other mishaps.

But never once have I sustained an injury to my head in the two years I’ve been cycling, not even the merest scratch. You see? Even when I’m in the most dense and chaotic traffic I’ve had the misfortune to find myself in, my head is probably the safest part of my body.

So that’s why I regard the helmet as superfluous. If it kept the rain off as a motorbike helmet does I would buy one, but it doesn’t. It wouldn’t have been any use to me in that crash on November 13th – it was the shoulder and the collar bone that were damaged. There was no injury to my head whatsoever.

So that’s why I won’t wear a cycling helmet. Apart from anything else I’d look dumb.


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