Sunshine, I love you!

Pity it was so cold but today and yesterday the sun was shining as brilliantly and as beautifully as it could at this time of year. Wednesday will be Groundhog Day which for me marks the first stage towards spring. Roll on, spring!

On a more prosaic note, I had a blowout this afternoon. I had set out on my bike, hoping to take full advantage of the sunny weather, and I hadn’t gone fore than 300 metres when I found the back wheel wasn’t rolling like it should. But seconds later, BANG! And within a further two seconds the back tyre was completely deflated. Well, I’ve had punctures in the past, more than I care to remember, but this is the first time I’ve had a tyre burst like a latex balloon. Well, all that did was set me back £4.99 for a new inner tube, an hour to replace the tyre and I was off again…


2 responses to “Sunshine, I love you!

  1. We’ve had small, fleeting glimmers of sunshine amidst all the grey and black clouds but this morning we have a totally clear sky and nothing to stop the sun brightening and colouring our world. To repeat the title of this post, Sunshine, I love you!

  2. Guess where I am now.

    Dobb’s Weir, just upstream from Broxbourne. I’m basking in the sunshine that is totally unimpeded by clouds, having tea and crisps.

    I’m adding this little cafe to my list of happy places to be on a beautiful, sunny day.

    Sunshine, I love you!

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