Spring, crocuses and Crews Hill

My mood today is the antithesis of my mood two months ago and therefore this post will be the antithesis of the ones of December 21st.

I’m in elated spirits! We only have hazy sunshine at the moment but today is the warmest day we’ve had so far this year.

And as I was cycling from Enfield to Crews Hill I was delighted to see a riot of purple, yellow and white flowers – crocuses!

Now you’ll understand why I’m in such a great mood. Especially after all the miserable weather we had during the past few days.

There’s something else I haven’t done for months – I’m having tea al fresco at BoJo’s cafe at the garden centre at Crews Hill.

The words on my lips right now are “Spring is here,” and “Praise the Lord!”

2 responses to “Spring, crocuses and Crews Hill

  1. And maybe I should tell you just where I went. From my gaff in Walthamstow I went to Enfield, Crews Hill, past Burnt Farm to Goff’s Oak, up to Newgate Street and Ponsbourne, down Carbone Hill to Northaw, past Queenswood School (Carole Thatcher’s old school). You’ll notice I took care to avoid Potters Bar. I went the long way, through Brookmans Park and Water End and down to South Mymms. Thence I cycled to Ridge, Well End and finally to Borehamwood.

    I got to ride through countryside I haven’t been in for months, at least since last October.

    Well, the days are still quite short, so I rode back home by the quick route, through Barnet, Enfield and Edmonton…

    This is the first of what I hope will be many beautiful, sunny days of biking through the countryside. You surely can see it’s become my favourite pastime.

  2. Now I’m relaxing and having tea by the pond next to Alexandra Palace on a virtually cloudless afternoon. (singing) “I love London in the springtime…”

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