Jewish Ladies

There’s something about Jewish ladies I like, and I mean Orthodox Jewish ladies.

I’ve had an eye for them for more than fifteen years now. I know perfectly well they’re on a completely different plane to me. They live to a strict interpretation of the Torah and their society, their culture and their way of life are all but out of reach for me. I would only have a chance with them if I converted to Judaism, in the United Synagogue. And even then, their rules forbid a man to accost a woman.

All I know is, as things stand with me, my chances of befriending a Jewish lady are about a hair’s breadth away from zero. And the possibility of marrying one, well, think of 10 to the power of -500 and multiply it by 0.

So why do I find them so attractive? They dress very plainly in very sombre colours, black, grey, navy blue. And I’ve never seen any of them with the merest trace of make-up, not even lip gloss.

It is this strict dress code that lets their true beauty shine out in a way that high fashion women’s dress does not and cannot. And it’s not just the ladies’ dress and manners that attract me, Their whole way of life is different, the papers they read, the music they listen to, the shops where they buy their groceries, their diet, their strict hygiene habits, the kind of work they do and, of course, their strict adherence to Judaism are all a world away from society as a whole.

A Jewish lady would look absurdly out of place among a group of catwalk queens. But to me, her plain, no-nonsense dress and her humble and quiet demeanour makes all the others look tacky, vapid and soulless.

3 responses to “Jewish Ladies

  1. I guess this doesn’t really apply to me since I’m converting to the Reform denomination of Judaism (the most liberal and progressive form here in the U.S.), which doesn’t openly dictate any specific form of dress. But I think anyone who truly loves the Torah and applies its teachings to their life would make adherence to modern fashion a secondary (if any) priority.

    I do agree that there’s something special and fascinating about Jewish Orthodox women. I actually admire them for not giving into the modern materialistic pressures and for being so humble. They also seem very loving and family-oriented.

  2. I totally agree with you – this is partly why I have Orthodox leanings, I absolutely love the way in which Jewish women, particularly frum Jewish women, conduct themselves. Although I am converting Liberal, I do love the Jewish modesty laws of Tzinus and I have taken on quite a few aspects myself, i.e. I don’t show cleavage and skirts have to be a certain length before I can wear them. I also want to cover my hair once I’m married, at least inside the house. I cover my head when praying too, either with a scarf or a headcovering.

    Very interesting post, and I totally agree with everything you said.

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