What?! Another Jubilee?!?!

It’s the sixtieth anniversary of the accession to the Throne of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. Nobody who is in tune with the affairs of the UK could possibly be unaware of this monumental occasion.

And if I was still living in London I would be just as interested as anybody, if not excited. If I was still working in Woolworths our store in Leyton would be well stocked with foreign-made junk to commemorate a 100% British anniversary. Even though I’m Irish, the West Briton in me would have insisted that I do my bit to make 2012 an annus mirabilis.

But ever since I came back to Ireland the West Briton in me has been dormant, possibly comatose, maybe even dead. And the rest of me doesn’t really give a hoot about this jubilee.

Besides, our parish priest Canon Sean Rogan has been a priest for fifty years and we’ll be commemorating this anniversary in a special Mass this Sunday.