All eyes are on London

I said in a post about two months ago that the West Briton in me was dormant, possibly dead. I may have born in London and I may have spent half my life in my native city and the surrounding counties but my heart is in Ireland, the country where I grew up.

Well, during the past three weeks I’ve discovered that I can pick up BFBS from their station at Ballykinlar on 107.5FM (on a pretty weak signal). Now, considering I have no connections with Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, I shouldn’t be at all interested in the British Forces Broadcasting Service. In fact I grew up on the Nationalist/Republican side of the Community in Northern Ireland, so I should hate everything to do with the Brits.

But BFBS radio has a really friendly tone to it, even if they do play low-brow top 40 rubbish. It’s more or less what BBC Radio 1 used to be like in the 80s before John Birt and Johnny Beerling stuck their bureaucratic hand in, tried to modernize it and completely wrecked it.

And when I’m not stuck on BFBS I’ve been following the exploits of Team GB in the Olympics on BBC Radio Five Live Olympics Extra. I’ve heard of Rebecca Adlington, Andy Murray, Anthony Joshua, Sir Chris Hoy and many others winning medal after medal for Britain – 28 gold, 15 silver and 19 bronze, Great Britain’s best Olympic medal haul for more than a century.


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