Further comment on London 2012

And I must also congratulate Katie Taylor who won a gold medal for Ireland in the women’s boxing. Ireland’s medal tally at the end of the games is a respectable haul of one gold, one silver and three bronzes. Now maybe it’s not much compared to Great Britain’s total of 29 golds, 17 sivers and 19 bronzes, but then Ireland’s population is less than a tenth of Britain’s.

Congratulations must go to all the volunteers who turned up to all the Olympic venues and made them so special for the thousands of spectators and for the millions of television viewers.

Congratulations also to the British Army who stepped in at very short notice to provide security for the Olympic venues when the private security firm failed to provide even a quarter of the staff needed.

Congratulations to all the medal winners, British and Irish, and of all nationalities, and congratulations to all athletes from all over the world for bringing such excitement to London.

And the closing ceremony, like the opening ceremony, proves that Britain, for all its faults and foul-ups, can put on a jolly good show when the need arises.

Now that the madness of the Summer Olympics is over, except, of course, for the Paralympics later this month, the West Briton in me can go back to sleep…


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