Don’t feel like doing much of anything


It’s the tail end of the year and  everything and everybody is winding down for the winter. At least that’s how I feel at the minute. I’ve got about another eleven hours of night  to go.

It’s not that my sleeping pattern has gone haywire, though that certainly happen in these dismal winter days. No, the reason is I had dinner at Denvir’s in English Street with Mum at 3:00 this afternoon. After that, well, Saturday, or what was left of it, was totally free.

Now if today was a day between May and August I would be typing this entry just as the sun was going down over  the playing fields and telling the world what a lovely day I’d had. I would have just come back from a hike around Lecale, from Inch Abbey, Raholp, Ballyclander or Tyrella Beach, tired but happy in the knowledge that I’d made the best of a beautiful day.

But with the winter solstice only a week away and the forty shades of dark grey in the sky, say nothing of the rain and floods, there’s precious little to do other than go to bed.

We haven’t had any snow yet and we were very lucky last year in that we had no snow at all. And anyone who follows my blog will already know my opinion on that stuff.


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