So, how was my 2012?

So, how was 2012 for me?

There are less than four hours left of what has been a really good year for me. It’s true that I still don’t have a proper job and the year has for the most part been a washout with record rainfall. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Summer Olympics and the Paralympics all failed to get me wildly excited. And then there was that atrocity in Connecticut.

But I’m the type to focus on positive things. 2012 has been my first full year living in Ireland. I have reconnected with most of the people I left behind when I moved to London in 1991. And since I joined the church choir and then the Legion of Mary I’ve made more friends. The fifteen Christmas cards on my mantel piece is a little proof of that.

Over the past year I’ve really got used to life in the little town of Downpatrick, whereas before I had been living in the immense urban sprawl of London. The countryside of Lecale is only a fifteen minute walk from my house, whereas in Walthamstow the countryside of Essex and Hertfordshire was more than an hour’s bike ride away. There are two beaches, Tyrella Beach and Murlough Beach where I can freely walk about barefoot (weather and tides permitting, of course) and they’re both within walking distance of my house. There is nothing like that in or around London.

Still more, the Christmas cards I sent out and the ones I received all serve to remind me of what a great family I have here.

This is something I wrote on a jotter some months ago and I mean it just as much now as I did then: Thank you, God, for giving me so much!


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