Brexit seven days on

10:00p.m. 30th June 2016 and it has been exactly one week since the polling stations in the U.K. closed and the votes began to be counted. Early the next morning the results were announced: 48.1% Remain, 51.9% Leave.

The last seven days have been extraordinary. David Cameron is resigning as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party and the remaining European leaders are telling Britain to make their exit as quick as possible.

Now, the Scots and the Northern Irish aren’t too happy about this. The vote in Northern Ireland was 56% Remain and the desire to Remain was strongest in Scotland with 62% voting to stay. So with the certainty of being yanked out of the cosy European Union against their will it’s easy to understand why there are protests and calls for a second referendum. In Scotland’s case there are also calls for independence from the U.K..

The youth of the U.K.are also upset. The percentage of those aged 18 to 24 who voted Remain was estimated to be 75%. Now if more of them had taken the trouble to vote then the Remain camp would have won, David Cameron would still be in No.10 Downing Street and it would be business as usual for the U.K. and the rest of the E.U..

But while the turnout for this poll was quite high- 72%- the turnout for those aged between 18 and 24 was a paltry 36%.

If you are in that age group and you voted Remain, well, I’m sorry, but you’re in a minority of spirited young people who actually care about the future of your country.

As for the sixty-four percent of young people who were registered to vote and had their polling cards ready but didn’t bother their backsides going out to cast their vote, you are part of the reason we are on our way out.

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