Brexit: Nine Months On

This afternoon, after many delays, negotiations and calls from many to “get on with it” the Prime Minister Theresa May has sent a document to European Commission President Donald Tusk informing them of the U.K.’s intention of quitting the European Union. After this will be two years of political and bureaucratic wrangling, the basic details of which can be found in this clipping from the Daily Telegraph.

By 29th March 2019, if everything goes to plan, the U.K. will be free of all the rules and restrictions of the European Union.

Now I don’t normally take much interest in politics and I didn’t think I’d be rebooting my blog with political posts, but the U.K.’s exit from the European Union is a major milestone. I always knew the U.K. was a member state of the E.E.C., an organization which would morph into the European Union. I was also aware of how sometimes U.K. law could be overruled by the European Court in Strasbourg. I was further aware that many people, especially conservatives, disliked the way things were vis à vis Europe and believed that Britain was better off outside. What I didn’t know until quite recently was that the U.K. was dragged into the E.U. in 1973 by the government of Edward Heath with none of the people being asked. (To be fair, the people did get a referendum in 1975 and they voted by roughly two to one to stay in the E.U.)

I must also mention the monolithic bureaucracy, the waste of time, money and paper that keeps it running and the unnumbered Eurocrats who are accountable to nobody. And what of the seventy-three M.E.P.s who represent the U.K.? Did they ever have any influence at all in Brussels?

Now there’s the single currency and all the problems that have come with it and I thank all the politicians on our side who kept the U.K. of it.

All in all the E.U. is a vast sinking ship and the U.K. is the rat deserting it.

P.S. I said in a previous post that Iceland had applied to join the E.U. In fact, although they began talks for their accession to the E.U. in 2010, they shelved plans in March 2015.