Brexit: 29 days later

So this is it. The United Kingdom is on the way out of the European Union. Some are hailing Brexit as a victory for the common people against the monolithic government of the EU with its plethora of faceless, unelected and unresponsive bureaucrats. Some among them see it as a poke in the eye for the forces of “globalism” and “multiculturalism”.

However, the supporters of the “Remain” campaign have for the most part fallen silent. Most of them have realised the situation is not going to change no matter how much they protest. They realise also that we’re on our way out because not enough of them got off their idle backsides to cast their votes when they had the chance. Perhaps, most importantly, there is no sign of the economic disaster that the leaders of the “Remain” campaign were predicting.

It’s true the Pound and the FTSE-100 index dropped sharply when the vote was announced, but the Pound has been stable against the Dollar since then, (up slightly from its low point of £1=$1.2887 on 7th July to £1=$1.3101 today). The FTSE-100 recovered from its jitters of 24 June within a few days and today closed up 30.59 points at 6730.48.

Indeed, Britain’s industry is performing as well as ever and there has been a decline in the unemployment rate.

Now one would think that quitting the EU would be a fairly straightforward matter, one of just clearing your desk and warehouse and saying goodbye. Unfortunately this operation is run by politicians and bureaucrats and it will be a costly and convoluted affair, one which neither our new Prime Minister Theresa May, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel nor anyone else is looking forward to.

Digital One is here at last

Digital One is a clutch of radio stations on DAB, or multiplex, that has been broadcasting to Britain for more than ten years. It includes Classic FM, TalkSport and Planet Rock. But because of “frequency scarcity” and “regulatory issues”, two arcane and abstruse reasons which I can’t be bothered to investigate, Digital One was not available in Northern Ireland until last month.

Of the fourteen stations in this multiplex, BFBS is the one I tune into most often. That’s not to say I can’t pick it up on FM;  I can, but the signal from Ballykinlar is very weak in Downpatrick. It takes very careful positioning of the radio and the extended aerial for the signal to come through and even then there’s still a lot of hissing. With DAB I have no such hassle. I don’t have to be close to an army base to get decent reception.

100,000 remaniacs

It was two years ago today that the electorate of the United Kingdom voted to quit the European Union.  The vote, admittedly, was quite narrow — 51.9% voted to leave — but it was still a majority.

This afternoon something astonishing happened in London.  About a hundred thousand people descended on the centre of the city in a protest.  Some were demanding a second referendum, some were calling for the Brexit process to be halted and all were voicing their displeasure at the government for caving in to the majority.

To these remoaners and remaniacs I have this to say: You as U.K. citizens have a right to voice your displeasure but you’re wasting your time.  The Brexit process is too far advanced and, as I’ve said in previous posts, there would be no need to do this if more of you had actually got off your backsides and cast your votes two years ago.