100,000 remaniacs

It was two years ago today that the electorate of the United Kingdom voted to quit the European Union.  The vote, admittedly, was quite narrow — 51.9% voted to leave — but it was still a majority.

This afternoon something astonishing happened in London.  About a hundred thousand people descended on the centre of the city in a protest.  Some were demanding a second referendum, some were calling for the Brexit process to be halted and all were voicing their displeasure at the government for caving in to the majority.

To these remoaners and remaniacs I have this to say: You as U.K. citizens have a right to voice your displeasure but you’re wasting your time.  The Brexit process is too far advanced and, as I’ve said in previous posts, there would be no need to do this if more of you had actually got off your backsides and cast your votes two years ago.

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