Brexit: confusion and disappointment

Friday 29th March 2019 is the day the United Kingdom was supposed to quit the European Union with secure deals on future trade, relationships and everything else. Now I wasn’t expecting this to be anything like a smooth transition. There were bound to be snags and snares along the way. When trying to disentangle a whole country from the web- actually it’s more like a manky ball of steel wool- that the E.U. the government of the U.K. had a monstrous job on its hands.

    Well, it’s a job that Theresa May and her goons have botched. Summit after summit, debate after debate and vote after vote later and it has all come to nothing. The Daily Mail, on its front page, called this period “1000 Wasted Days”.

    What I was expecting was for the U.K to be completely free of the E.U., free to set its own trade and tariffs, free to pass its own laws and free to deal with the world without any of the arbitrary rules set by faceless, unaccountable and unelected pen-pushers. But thanks in no small part to the innate self-serving nature of the buffoons we’ve elected to represent us, the U.K. s position in Europe is neither in nor out. Yes, the U.K. is still officially a member state of the E.U. and will be there until the 12th of April. But it is like a child’s milk tooth that been forced out of the gum and is hanging by a single thread.

    I’m probably being churlish and idealistic here, but I’m hoping that my version of the U.K. s future will come true. My worst case scenario is one where everything is irredeemably fudged and the U.K. is shackled to the E.U. indefinitely, still shelling out millions in dead money while enjoying none of the benefits.

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