… and the goose is getting fat.

In a few hours time it will be November, the beginning of my least favourite time of the year. The clocks reverted to GMT on Saturday night / Sunday morning and the weather has been dark and miserable.

What I dislike most about this time of year is the relentless commercial racketeering that takes up at least two months. In fact, over the last ten years, Halloween has gained a prominence in the capitalist calendar that it never had before. The result is that shops start putting out their Halloween junk and their Christmas junk at the same time, in the last week of September.

So not only have capitalists bastardised the Christian feast of Christmas, they’ve also bastardised the pagan feast of Samhain.

As for all those kids who follow that odious American practice of going from door to door demanding treats with menaces (which they call trick-or-treat)… I reserve my language.

At this time of year I wish I could hibernate until February. But I’m doing the next best thing: I’m putting out all the lights and going to bed early.