Toss That (as I used to call them)

Maybe its because they’re older and wiser, maybe it’s because they’re not under the thumb of a lot of jaded and cynical record executives and they’re free to make the music they want to make, but Take That’s records today are an immense improvement on the dross they made when they first started in the early 1990s.

I remember them when they first appeared on the scene with the saccharine-sweet “A Million Love Songs”. Girls in their teens and much younger all over the country fell in love with them and their nauseating songs. At least Robbie, Gary and the other three wrote their own songs, unlike the vast majority of boy bands, past and present. But that didn’t alter the fact that I found their records a good reason to dive for the “OFF” button on my radio.

Take That split up in 1996 with Robbie Williams starting off an a successful solo career and Gary Barlow starting off on a solo career that rapidly disappeared and the other three simply disappearing.

Sometime in the mid- to late-2000s Gary Barlow and the other three reformed without Robbie and they surprised me by releasing an album that I liked. It was not like their earlier vapid efforts. And now Robbie has rejoined the group (mainly because his solo career has floundered) and it seems they’re standing stronger than ever.

They are one example of performers who improve with age. Madonna is another example. I used to hate her music and her slutty looks back in the 1980s. Today she looks more like a real woman than she has for years and her records are better too.

So this makes me wonder about the people today whose records I hate. I mean BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna, Adele and Alicia Keys. Where will they be twenty years from now? Will any of them start making records that I actually like? Or will they disappear? Will they “find God” and churn out a load of recordings that are even more bland than the ones they’ve been making over the past few years? Will I even care? Will I have rejected the human world completely and become a hermit?

All these questions and more will be answered over the next, oh… twenty years.